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Quick Study Exhibit: Labiba Kurani's Teaching Certificate


In 1887, a woman named Labiba Kurani was granted a teaching certificate by the American Mission in Ottoman Syria. Very little is known about this woman, but through the analysis of her teaching certificate, a list of teachers at Protestant schools, interviews with the Kurani family and a review of secondary literature, the first "Quick Study" and this affiliated online exhibition provides an interesting introduction to the series and the preserving Protestant Heritage project.

In this online exhibition you will find a digital copy of Labiba Kurani’s teaching certificate, a chart listing the 55 persons who received teaching certificates with their qualified subjects,  information about the Kurani family’s history with education, links to works sited in the article, and more. 

The material found in this online exhibition is to serve as a supplement to the “Quick Study” article published in the NEST Theological Review 34:2. To order the NEST Theological Review, please contact Ms Maruzella Abboud

We look forward to receiving your feedback on this online exhibition. If you have any questions or comments please email




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