List of Schools, Teachers and Diplomas

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List of Schools, Teachers and Diplomas


women, education, Ottoman Syria, American missionaries, 19th century, Labiba Kurani, Henry Harris Jessup, Rahil Haddad


This item is page 58 of a book that lists schools, teachers and certificates for the Protestant community in Ottoman Syria dating from 1888 to 1893. The lists were complied by the American missionary Henry Harris Jessup after letters of inquiry were sent to other members of the American Mission in Ottoman Syria (some of the replies are enclosed in the book). The list can be dated to 1893. Compare this list to the information presented in "Appendix IV" of Henry Harris Jessup Fifty-Three Years in Syria: Volume I and II. (New York: Fleming H. Revell Company, 1910): 805-808.

On the selected page, person 32 is a woman named "Lebibi Koorani" who was then teaching in Shweifat. This woman received her teaching certificate from the Suk el-Gharb Station on 4 February 1888. Although her name is spelled differently, and some of the details are incorrect, could this woman be Labiba Kurani?

Also note that person 10 is Rahil Haddad, whose teaching certificate is also presented in this exhibition.


[Henry Harris Jessup]




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